May 2024 Update 

As the winter weather sets in it is lovely to have so many bright sunny days highlighting Armidale’s beautiful autumn colours against the stunning blue sky.

Indigenous Knowledges

It was wonderful to see this job finally advertised after a long period of development. Thank you to Professor Alistair Noble in his capacity as Head of School for his perception and capability in contributing leadership to this development.

View the job advertisement here

Indigenous Knowledges is an increasingly important field of research and study in Australia.

The terms Indigenous and First Nations appear 357 times in the Universities Accord final report. Here is a sample of what is expected. Teaching and research informed by First Nations knowledges

In addition to other new knowledge, it is important that teaching and research recognise, and are informed by, the knowledges of the world’s oldest continuous cultures. Many universities are embedding First Nations knowledges into their teaching and research, with some also fostering First Nations cultural competency as a graduate attribute. This is supporting a diverse cohort of domestic and international students to develop an understanding and respect for First Nations values, culture and knowledge which can be transferred across broad disciplines. This research needs to be Indigenous-led and respond to the priorities and needs of First Nations communities.

If you have never heard of Indigenous Knowledges please educate yourself. There is plenty of information available both in the academic literature and more generally online to support your personal learning.

University life

Striving for excellence in both teaching and research is not only a professional duty but also a profound opportunity to shape the future. Your commitment to these key dimensions of university life has the power to inspire, transform, and innovate, positively impacting our students and our community.

Excellence in teaching requires more than just expertise; whether as lecturers and/or course and unit coordinators, students respond to our passion, creativity, and our demonstrable desire to engage and motivate them. By adopting innovative teaching methods, integrating technology, and fostering an inclusive learning environment, we ignite curiosity and a lifelong love of learning in our students. Dedication to teaching excellence ensures that we equip students with the critical thinking skills and the knowledge they need to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

At the same time, excellence in research is essential to advancing knowledge and addressing pressing challenges of our time, and supports relevance in our field of study. By pursuing rigorous, impactful research with resultant quality outputs, we contribute to the intellectual vitality of our disciplines, supporting our students to learn and excel. By focusing on excellence our research endeavours not only enhance our individual professional growth, and the reputation of our discipline, but also bolster UNE’s reputation and influence.

All of the above along with your exceptional service endeavours, contributes to a legacy of excellence that will resonate for generations to come.

Choosing calm

Some wise words from Professor Merlin Crossley recently


I am grateful to the many HASSE staff who participated in the graduation on Saturday 11th of May. Thank you. Having nominated NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb for the alumni award 2023, which she received at the ceremony, I was delighted to process with her, and listen to her Occasional Address in which she described the support and confidence building she received when studying with us. Spending time with her at the lunch I was inspired to meet such a distinguished and humble leader.

HASSE leadership appointments

As per previous advice about changes to the leadership structure in the faculty to support role transitions through 2025, the first stage of the changes is a call for Expressions of Interest for two-year terms as Deputy Head of School, in HASS and Education. Even if you do not intend to apply, please read the materials when they are circulated to assist your understanding of these roles.