Hidden details revealed in 3D scanning project

A 3D digitisation project is proving there’s much more than meets the naked eye to UNE’s unique ancient artefacts. An effort led by UNE Museum of Antiquities curator Dr Bronwyn Hopwood to move 3,000 ancient artefacts onto an open access online platform for learning...

3D scan image of an ancient boar-shaped vessel with handle and spout from UNE's Museum of Antiquities

‘Virtual’ graduation honours UNE high achiever

While COVID-19 has put a hold on many graduations, one UNE education student was able to celebrate hers in the virtual realm last week. As a gaming-like avatar being manipulated from the real world, PhD graduate Merle Hearns received the prestigious Chancellor’s...

A computer graphic representation of UNE education PhD graduate Dr Merle Hearns walks towards the podium to accept her testamur and medal at her virtual UNE graduation, watched by her family, friends and supporters
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