HASS Guest Column – February 2024

Lessons from a face-to-face music workshop UNE Music held its second Summer Workshop earlier this year. In January, 10 students attended the Armidale campus for a 3-day non-mandatory, extracurricular music workshop, consisting of musicology seminars, practical...

A stitch in time

Image: Kirby Moore with her UNE Honours project, a reconstructed 1884 gown, displaying in Martindale Hall in South Australia.  A creative UNE Honours project has reclaimed a woman missing from the history books – and her grand marital home in country South...

Young Honours student Kirby Moore with her project, a reconstruction of an 1884 wedding gown.

New 3D scanner expands digital capabilities

UNE has levelled up its digital capabilities with the acquisition of an Artec Micro3D Scanner for micron-accurate reproductions of small objects, such as ancient coins. The scanner was purchased by UNE’s Museum of Antiquities (UNEMA), but will be able to be used...

Artec 3D scanner
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