Supporting education transformation

In 2016, 1.4 million students in the Philippines entered a Grade 11 class for the first time in the country’s history. In 2017, 1.2 million of these students enrolled in Grade 12. Another first. These were extraordinary milestones in an ambitious plan to modernise...

School of Education delegates are welcomes with banners in the Philippines.

Next stop Bhutan for UNE education students

A group of University of New England (UNE) education students will gain a fresh perspective on Australian education next month, when they head to Bhutan for a funded short-term study experience. Bhutan is the Himalayan kingdom best known for implementing Gross...

Students and their guides in traditional Bhutanese dress in front of a temple in a cliff side.

Learning the ABC of deployment and training

Defence families and their educators will have extra support to help young children cope with the emotional stress of having a parent away on deployment or training, with the development of targeted resources underway.  University of New England (UNE) early...

Book cover in bright colours and two children sliding down a slippery dip.

Why I love language: Professor Nick Reid, UNE Linguistics

UNE Adjunct Professor Nick Reid has spent a lifetime chasing and unravelling the mysteries of language. It’s a fascination that could have taken him anywhere in the world, but Nick has found the most extraordinary insights could be gained at his own front door....

Informal group image of Nick Reid with members of the Aboriginal Nauiyu community.

The Community Weathering Station, Bingara

A short report by Jennifer Mae Hamilton Driving to Groundswell on the weekend felt like I was in a disaster movie or the end times. Maybe both. A hot and powerful westerly blew like nothing I’d ever witnessed before. Dust was blocking out the sun and masking the...

A bitumen road snakes through a barren brown landscape with single tree to the left and a smoky haze in the sky

History a labour of love

A job in a margarine factory helped UNE student Carol Corless find her love for history. “While working in the factory in Queensland for 28 years, I was the union delegate, and held executive positions, including president, of the Queensland branch of my union,...

UNE history graduate Carol Corless at work in hi-vis overalls holding labour history brochures
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