Mapping Australia’s past

Image: The Hobart Convict Penitentiary, a famous relic of Tasmania's past A coding system being developed by UNE historians and archaeologists will open new avenues for exploring the people and places of Australia’s past. Project co-leader UNE Adjunct Professor...

Exterior of an old convict gaol at Port Arthur, Tasmania

Ghosts, the afterlife and a brave new novel

From a PhD thesis to a brave new novel, local author Sophie Masson’s upcoming book release, ‘The Ghost Squad’ continues to take on an exciting life of its own. Known and loved around Australia particularly for her children’s books, Sophie says the unique process...

Local author Sophie Masson surrounded by bookshelves in a library, cover art of Sophie's upcoming novel, 'The Ghost Squad'

PhD “The best time of my life”

Used to the heavily populated streets of Bangladesh, UNE Peace Studies graduate Shafi Md Mostofa recalls he was struck by the quietness of Armidale in winter when he arrived to begin his PhD three and a half years ago.    “There was no one around...

Portrait image of Shafi Mostofa
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