Communication with character

UNE Chinese lecturer Dr Shi Li has the opportunity to share his skill and love of Chinese calligraphy each year with his students in a dedicated unit in the Chinese language and culture course. A past Chinese journalist and broadcaster, Dr Li believes Chinese...

Artwork - a series of silk banners with a cherry blossom branch reflecting the changing of seasons

The languages of learning

Higher education can help make or break cultural diversity, says University of New England (UNE) PhD student Rafi Saleh. Rafi, studying a PhD in linguistics at UNE, was an English literature and language teacher in Bangladesh when he became increasingly concerned...

Portrait image of Rafi Saleh in front of UNE's historic Booloominbah House

“Archaeology emerged as the obvious career choice”

Digital technology and mass-production might shape the world today, but stone is where it all began, says UNE Archaeology’s A/Prof Mark Moore. “As the oldest of all technologies, the manufacture of stone tools has profoundly influenced the evolution of our...

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