Supporting inclusive education in South America

Since 2015, 14,000 teachers in South America have undertaken professional development to better support inclusive practices for students with special needs in their classroom. The training continues to spread across the country of Ecuador and into Peru and...

Jeanette Berman and some teacher training staff look over a document at a professional development function

Rock art passion continues research legacy

Former UNE postgraduate student and passionate researcher, the late Di England, spent 20 years studying the Indigenous rock art of the remote Kimberley region. Di sadly passed away in 2019, although her research continues thanks to a bursary dedicated by her...

UNE archaeology PhD candidate stands in front of UNE's historic administrative building, Booloominbah House

The magic of documentary

“Sometimes, there is something magical in telling stories visually.” As a seasoned journalist, Anne Keen is used to wielding words to illuminate and inspire. But a courageous leap into filmmaking during her UNE media studies course has opened exciting new avenues...

Portrait image of Anne Keen next to a poster of her documentary 'undermining a community'

The untold stories from Nagasaki

One of the great strengths of history study is that it can throw new light on a seemingly well-trodden subject, opening up new questions about the past and its impacts on the present and future. As a child, UNE Japanese lecturer and historian Dr Gwyn McClelland was...

Dr Gwyn McClelland passes a book of of stories from the bombing of Nagasaki to a Japanese woman in Nagasaki, 2019.
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