Note by Professor Sue Saltmarsh


New Collaborative Research Fellowship Program for HASSE

HASSE recently announced the introduction of a Collaborative Research Fellowship (CRF) program.

In its inaugural round, the CRF Program will support one Fellowship attached to each of three faculty-led initiatives – the Digital Futures Research Hub, the Future Histories project, and the Teach for the Country project. Each of these initiatives represents opportunities for interdisciplinary research with strong potential for external partnerships and funding.

The CRF Program is designed to ensure the success of these Faculty-led initiatives by providing practical support to collaborations, contributing to foundational and ongoing collaborative research outcomes, and increasing the visibility, impact and outreach of HASSE initiatives. The CRF Program aligns with HASSE’s goal of building collaborative research culture and momentum, enhancing, the quality of research outputs, and strengthening the university’s performance nationally and internationally. Applications are open to Level B, C and D academic staff in HASSE.

An information session was held on 26 March, and applications are due by 5pm on 10 April 2024.  Further information can be requested from