As the new year gets underway, here is some information that may be useful to those who are thinking about their research plans in 2024:

  1. The ARC Discovery Projects website has some very useful information regarding the DP25 scheme. ARC timelines, guidelines, templates and documents, and also some helpful videos on the two-stage process and on how to pitch an EOI can be found on this site.
  2. Information on ARC Linkage schemes can be found on the ARC Linkage website, including links to each of the different schemes, guidelines, templates, videos, etc.
  3. The UNE Grants Team also publishes fortnightly information about these and other schemes, including information regarding internal deadlines and processes, in the Research Services Newsletter. This excellent newsletter is an opt-in resource, meaning that colleagues need to subscribe in order to receive this via their UNE email. I heartily encourage all HASSE colleagues with an interest in being alerted to research funding opportunities, and in keeping informed regarding internal timelines, to subscribe to this newsletter
  4. It may also be helpful to be reminded that researchers are able to have a chat with the Grants Team during their Talk to us Tuesdays! sessions from 2:15-3:00pm each Tuesday.
  5. The DP25 internal process for preliminary submission of EOIs for panel review took place in two rounds, per the information circulated in 2023. There is a hard UNE deadline of 13 Feb 2024 for submission of revised EOIs, in order to allow the necessary panel and DVCR reviews prior to the ARC deadline. The faculty has considered accepting late EOI submissions by 6 Feb, however these are on a case-by-case basis, and should be discussed with the relevant HOS and SRC. In general, the best quality EOIs and funding applications tend to be developed well in advance, hence the internal process that provides two rounds of panel review and detailed feedback. Those in Departments/Schools with their own internal review process are encouraged to participate in and learn from these activities in developing their grantsmanship skills. The university’s internal timelines and processes still apply, however.
  6. UNE students and staff are now able to access the Clarivate database, Pivot-RP, for information about a wide range of funding opportunities. Colleagues can access more information and set up a Pivot-RP account by visiting the Research and Funding Opportunities webpage. 

The beginning of the new year is a great time to take stock and consider what kinds of research and funding activities are on the horizon. It’s also a good time to get all those subscriptions and accounts in place that will enhance access to the best and most timely information. Also, please be reminded that I’m always happy to meet with colleagues to talk about project ideas, collaborations and funding schemes, as are our two highly capable SRCs, Jill Fielding (SOE) and Diana Barnes (HASS).

Here’s to a successful year of HASSE research, and look forward to working with you all in the coming months!

Professor Sue Saltmarsh
Associate Dean, Research – HASSE