HASSE’s Research Futures Summit will be held on October 9-10 Oct 2023. The summit aims to generate strategic discussions about the cutting edge of research in HASSE disciplines, and thinking together about how new directions in our respective fields are shaping research questions, topics and approaches to enquiry.

Trends and influences to be considered range from new theoretical and methodological innovations, to broader social, economic, environmental, political and other imperatives. Speakers and attendees are invited to consider how these contribute to the changing nature of how we explore, create, and communicate new knowledge through digital technologies, creative arts and other forms of cultural, social and scientific engagement.

HASSE is delighted to welcome Professor Deborah Youdell, Macquarie University, as keynote speaker for the Summit. Professor Youdell, a distinguished sociologist of education at Macquarie University, will talk on Biosocial Futures: Putting leading edge science to work for social justice and equity.

She will examine the possibilities and potential pitfalls for social science of engaging in transdisciplinary research with bioscience, analytical chemistry and neuroscience. Drawing on her writing with human biologist Dr Martin R. Lindley, she will consider the possibility for collaboration across humanities/social science and science disciplines to offer insights that potentially transform knotty social issues and the disciplines themselves.

Mapping some of the resistances to science knowledge amongst humanists and social scientists, as well as some recent developments in biosciences, Prof. Youdell will suggest that we are confronted increasingly by the inseparability of the social and the biological, and therefore, the limits of our traditional discipline knowledges. With this in mind, she will argue that our future-facing work should focus on the strategic deployment of transdisciplinary approaches that recognise the fundamentally biosocial nature of the person in ways that can be put to work for social justice and equity.

Prof. Youdell’s address will be given in the Oorala Centre, starting at 10am. Please join us for this and the ensuing two days of discussion and reflection. Hybrid attendance options are:

On campus: Lecture Theatre 1 (Room 1-26), E022 – Oorala Centre

Zoom: https://une-au.zoom.us/j/86498997826?