Comment by Professor Sue Gregory


International Women’s day 

Drs Kristy O’Neill and Jo Bird joined a UNE discussion panel “Cracking the Code: Innovation for a Gender Equal Future” 

Unit Commendations 

The following people (and their teams), received Unit Commendations for T3 2022 

  • Myung Auh 
  • Vegnes Maniam 
  • Colin Baker/Leo Lim 
  • Josh Matthews 
  • Huy Phan 
  • Geneveive Thraves 
  • Darin Gorry 


Malaysia Columbo Plan 

Vegnes Maniam recently took students from the School of Education to Malaysia on a visit to schools. This was well received by the students and schools in Malaysia. There will be another visit later in the year for other students – the plan has been held over for three years, so it was appreciated by the students to be able to undertake this great project. 


  • Level B/C Early Childhood Education (STEM focus) – interviews have been conducted 
  • Level C in Learners, Learning and Teaching – closes early April 
  • Level D Leadership Education – need to readvertise/consider other possibilities 


School of Education Seminar  

Dr Kristy ONeill and Professor Pep Baker: “Social inclusion and community development using sport and physical activity as a vehicle”, presented on Wednesday 22 February 2023 at 12.45 pm to 1.45 pm. You can catch up on sessions that you may have missed.  


  • QITE Review (Quality Initial Teacher Education) – Teacher Education Expert Panel (TEEP) Discussion Papers released 23 March and feedback welcome to Head of School Education to incorporate into our response close 21 April (I need feedback about a week prior to this to collate)  
  • ASCILITE – free membership for all in the university. Please ask Sue how to do this – join a SIG, social media, monthly newsletters, webinars, research schools, CMALT, TELAS, AJET, mentoring – community and women in academic leadership, grants, awards, bursaries, peer-assisted learning and AJET. 
  • PPDR – Please start meeting with your Head of Department about setting your goals for 2023. Ensure you discuss Teaching, Research and Service/Leadership outlining SMART Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound).