Comment by Associate Professor Jill Fielding

Hard to believe we are a quarter of the way into the year already and a lot is going on in the research space.  I have covered a few of the key happenings below.  

Mini-ERA 2023 exercise 

The recent TEQSA Guidance Note: Research requirements for Australian universities requires that, when seeking re-registration as an Australian University, all higher education providers demonstrate a world-standard benchmark standard for research quality in at least 50% of the Fields of Education in which they offer courses of study. Since the 2023 ERA exercise was cancelled by the Minister in the previous year, Australian Universities do not have a current benchmark to identify their standing with regard to this requirement. As such, UNE will conduct a University-wide ‘mini-ERA’ activity to obtain the data needed to model UNE’s standing and to enable it to strategically optimise its position in its application for re-registration with TEQSA. Since we are still in the process of migrating data from RUNE to Pure, we are needing RUNE accounts to be as complete as possible and are grateful to all staff for their support in achieving this. Obviously, the better our data the better our modelling. 

 Read and Publish Agreements 

UNE has renewed a number of Read and Publish Agreements and signed up to three more as below. Under these agreements we have online library access to the journals (read) and open access charges covered (publish). Some of the journals have a cap in place so it is worth being strategic about publishing. For any questions about any of the agreements, or to get a cap update, please email: Do note that you need to be the corresponding author and you must use your institutional email to publish under these agreements as this constitutes identification that you are affiliated with a member institute.  

  • Cambridge University Press (no cap)  
  • CSIRO (no cap) 
  • Oxford University Press   (capped) 
  • Springer Nature (capped – anticipated to be reached in Nov) 
  • Wiley (and Hindawi) (capped – anticipated to be reached in Nov) 
  • (new) AIP Publishing (capped) 
  • (new) Elsevier (capped) 
  • (new) Taylor & Francis (capped) 

The library has provided further detail in a recorded presentation which can be accessed here:  

Passcode: +7%0?+uE 

Wiley is hosting a workshop for authors wanting to publish Open Access with Wiley and Hindawi under the Read and Publish Agreement. The webinar will be particularly useful to understand the Wiley author services workflow and tips for successful publishing. Registration is required: 

  • Wednesday 5 July at 1:00pm (AEDT) – Register 

Australian Research Council Executive Director online ‘visit’ to UNE – 5th April 

As the heading suggests there will be an online ‘visit;’ to UNE on 5th April by one of the ARC Executive Directors. At this stage timelines are being firmed up but there are plans for Discussion and Q & A for the major grant funding types. A timetable will be sent to staff once details are known.  

The Six Steps Program  

The Six Steps to Research Funding Success program that was run last year (thank you to Associate Professor Jason Stoessel), will be repeated this year in an extended format, taking on board the feedback provided by attendees. The intention is to meet on alternate Tuesday afternoons commencing in May. The format will involve provision of grant expertise, dedicated time to work on your grant, and feedback and readership. Further information will be provided to HASSE staff in the coming weeks. If you feel you have a particular contribution/expertise and are willing to support the program, please email Jason Stoessel ( or Jill Fielding (