Changes for the better – Julia Waters Graduate profile

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Image: Julia Waters, UNE Master of Teaching (Primary) graduate.

There are many excellent reasons to begin post-graduate study. It may be in pursuit of a passion, building expertise in a certain field, or both. For Master of Teaching (Primary) graduate Julia Waters university study was a way to express a passion for education and pursue a new career path in teaching.

Prior to her studies at UNE, Julia worked for a number of years as a pharmacist, but eventually decided to change into another line of work. The new direction that Julia wanted to go was teaching, but with a 1 year old and 3 year old at home, the thought of returning to university was a challenging one. However, Julia notes that she “knew it was the right decision”. Like many university students, Julia’s circumstances required a certain kind of tertiary education which UNE’s remote learning fit perfectly.

Discussing her experience learning externally, Julia said “I enjoyed my studies more than I expected. I was a little worried that studying externally could be isolating, but UNE is so well set up for external study, that I did not feel isolated at all. Indeed, it was quite the opposite.”

Julia notes that her studies were engaging because she loved the content, making her Masters all the more enjoyable. Although even engaging learning can have its difficulties. Julia described her time at UNE as being challenging “in so many ways, but I feel I am a stronger learner and stronger person for it.” Most importantly Julia’s career is now future fit with the skills to take on a career in teaching.

In fact, Julia is so prepared for her new career in education she has already begun teaching – she is currently working as a Year 3 teacher in Brisbane. Since Julia found so much enjoyment in her tertiary education passing her passion onto her students will come naturally. After-all, one of the insights that Julia took from her time at UNE was that “it is much easier to study when you really enjoy what you are learning.”

Commencing her Masters was such a significant step in Julia’s journey that she advises potential students to not to overthink or spend years deciding whether or not to go for it – Julia sites the words of wisdom “nothing changes, if nothing changes”.

We wish Julia the best of luck in her career and a well-earned congratulations on her recent completion of her Master of Teaching. Moreover, a further congratulations to Julia for receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar award, which recognises and celebrates her as a particularly high-achieving student. The staff at UNE can’t wait to see the young minds that Julia shapes through-out her career as a teacher!

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