Immersive learning meets French Cinema

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UNE French is continuing to prove that the best way to engage with language is being immersed in cultural experiences!

On April 2nd, a group of 15 UNE French students met at the Palace Central Cinema in Sydney for a screening of the film Farewell, Mr Haffmann. This film is part of the current Alliance Française French Film Festival, a long running festival that promotes French cinema and culture.

With several of the students bringing along friends to the event – it was quite the opportunity for the group. Upon arriving the attendees were greeted with cheeseboards at the Palace Central Prosecco Bar while everyone was able to informally catch-up – in French of course. This was followed by the showing of the film!

This event is the second UNE French excursion organised this year by Dr Victoria Souliman, Lecturer and Convenor of French studies at UNE. These excursions have presented a chance for students to meet in real life, speak French, and immerse themselves in French culture – an increasingly valuable opportunity after the isolated learning of the pandemic.

It was also a great occasion for students to meet the wonderful UNE French teaching team: Beth Kearney (coordinator of FREN101 and FREN301), Eve Nachin (teacher of FREN101) and Monique Laura (coordinator of FREN203) who joined the excursion too! The students enjoyed the film very much, some of them even planning on writing a short review of it in French.

To read more about the first UNE French excursion that occurred several weeks prior, follow the link here:


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