Dr Jennifer McDonell was recently appointed Associate Editor of a new interdisciplinary journal entitled Global Nineteenth-Century Studies (GNCS). The journal will be published twice a year Liverpool University Press, the UK’s third oldest academic publisher in the UK, with distinguished record of publishing exceptional research since 1899. You can view the journal here.  

GNCS is a forum for scholars from a wide array of disciplines who share an interest in the world’s connectedness between 1780 and 1914. It publishes pioneering essays of transnational, comparative, transimperial, transpacific, and transatlantic significance while also serving as a venue to debate these terms and their corresponding methodologies and epistemologies. Investigating material culture forms, visual and literary texts, ideas, and sentient beings that transcend national boundaries, essays in GNCS are asked to engage critically with mobility and migration, imperialism and colonialism, and production and distribution, as well as travel, technologies, and varieties of exchange. The journal welcomes submissions that explore developments within and among imperial entities, regions, and nations. The website for the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, which includes several pages about the journal, is now live. To visit the webpage and find out more details about the publication, follow the link here.

Links to the sections of the journal, instructions for submission and a link to the GNCS book series links are also provided at this site. Please do share these URLs with anyone who may be interested.

Forthcoming Issues

The first issue contains essays by fifteen individuals (two will be co-authored): 5 are in literature, 1 in musicology, 5 in history, and a jointly authored essay with one individual in history and the other in literature. The contributors hail from China/SAR, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Sweden, Spain, India, the U.S., and Canada.

Issue 1.2 will be guest edited by Keith Clavin (MIT) on Victorian Britain in/and Latin America. The tentative contents list is:

  1. Cuban Independence, the British Press, and the Second Boer War: 1895-1902 by Keith Clavin
  2. Victorians in the Southern Cone” by Jessie Reeder
  3. Rewriting History: Haggard’s Montezuma’s Daughter (1893) and the Transatlantic Imaginary by Luz Elana Ramirez
  4. England in 1810: Latin American Independence at 27 Grafton Street, London by Omar Miranda
  5. Amazonian Entanglement: Narrative, Nature, and the Ties that Bind in Jules Verne’s The Giant Raft by Ross G. Forman
  6. Afterword by Gabe Paquette

We  also have one special issue proposal in hand — Empire and the Orient: Studies on (Post-)Victorian Asian Studies– and have been in discussions with the incoming director of the University of Nottingham’s Institute for the Study of Slavery to publish a special issue on new approaches to the study of global slavery in the nineteenth century. 

Standing Sections

In addition to publishing research articles, GNCS has several standing sections. Each section has its own editor who is primarily responsible for curating its intellectual content. The editors now invite submissions to each section.   The sections include, Creative Histories, Global Documents, Transcultural Objects, History from Beyond, Reinterpretation and Periodicals. Read more about each sections on the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies website.

CFP: The first two issues, at the insistence of the publisher, consist  of invited  contributions only. However , in due course,  we will be accepting  other special issue proposals for  2023 and beyond. So, please feel free to get in touch with us if you wish to propose a special issue, or submit an article. Submission instructions can be found here: https://www.global19c.com/manuscript-submission-requirements. And refereeing procedures here: https://www.global19c.com/refereeing


We will be aiming to launch the journal internationally in the Northern hemisphere Spring 2022, and in keeping with the journals ‘glocal’  remit we will be aiming for near  synchronous launches in  different places around the world.  We already  have  commitments from faculty in Chile, Hong Kong, Surrey UK, Vienna, Pretoria, New York City, Singapore and Halifax to host events, and I am an  looking at an Australian launch, hopefully involving UNE. Watch this space: Launch – https://www.global19c.com/events-1.