UNE Education Senior Lecturer, Dr Zuocheng Zhang, was recently an editor on the newly launched book International Student Education in Tertiary Settings: Interrogating Programs and Processes in Diverse Contexts. This book explores international student engagement in tertiary institutions, specifically it addresses key aspects of engagement in international student education programme design and implementation.

The book is truly a transcultural work with contributors and editors from all across the globe – Dr Zhang’s fellow editors on this book include Associate Professor Trevor Grimshaw (from the University of Bath, UK) and Professor Xingsong Shi (from the University of International Business and Economics, China).

The book explores current theories and practices occurring in international teaching spaces across the world, focusing on successful examples found in tertiary education programmes for international students in Australia, China, Japan, the USA and the UK.

Following the launch of the book, Dr Zhang and his fellow editors and contributors held a workshop, organised by the Research Working Group at the School of Education, presenting and discussing some of the issues of international student engagement that are featured in the book. The workshop hosted several academic researchers from across the world.

The workshop concluded with a short quiz regarding topics from the book, with the winner receiving a free hard copy of the book as a prize.