Jennifer Lynne is a UNE Peace and Conflict Studies Graduate and CEO of The Contact Project.

Jennifer Lynne spent her childhood in America, Mexico and Europe. Her work in over 30 countries led to her founding The Contact Project. A PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies at UNE is now helping her to spread peace throughout the world, one person at a time.

“I’ve been very lucky to see and experience many kinds of peace. My PhD research in Northern and Central Nigeria helped to shape my thinking on how we can address the world’s most complex challenges. For me, it all begins at the individual level. There is a need to cultivate curiosity and better understanding so we have the skills to adapt and engage difference and diversity.

“The Contact Project is a social enterprise dedicated to building the human capacity of individuals, organisations, and institutions in the public and private sectors.

“My experience of working with tribal and community leaders and international non-government organisations has taught me that when people can respect, listen and find the humanity in others it can create a foundation for peace.

“We are currently creating a series of online courses for Rotary International Peace Fellows, to help these young peace-builders navigate a sustainable career in peace-building. The courses will not only enhance the lives of the fellows and help them to prepare for work in difficult and challenging environments, but the knowledge and skills they learn will also have a lasting effect on their work and hopefully contribute to the lives of the people they work with, and I believe peace-building at large.

“I hope that people use this season of celebration as a time to practise listening, patience and respect. Whether it’s personal, community, professional, or nation/state relationships, these three capacities are the foundation for sustainable relationships, solutions and peace.”