Peace wish for Bangladesh

When Shafi Mostafa saw growing discontent and conflict in his home country of Bangladesh, he felt compelled to understand the social and psychological factors at play, in order to bring about change. Shafi, a UNE Peace Studies PhD candidate, shares his vision for...

Portrait image of Shafi Mostofa

Justice and sustainability for Myanmar

Former UNE student and now lecturer in Peace Studies Dr Johanna Garnett works with young activists from agrarian communities in Myanmar to develop sustainable and just community development programs. It has brought her face-to-face with the plight of neighbouring...

Johanna Garnett in a rice paddy with workers in the background.

Promoting ecological peace in inner Sydney

The Secondhand Saturday Project. Photo by Raquel Duron Perez, Uniting Harris Community Centre, 2017. Our unsustainable consumption of resources and waste generation is creating conflict locally, nationally and internationally. Yue (Frankie) Zheng, community...

Secondhand goods at market stalls
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