The processing of the photogrammetry has allowed me to visualise some of the early results of the excavation. After 12 days of cleaning back the remnant topsoil, the site was looking particularly lovely, with a few interesting features popping through. As expected, there was still quite a lot of debris left on the site from the 1880s salvage activity, as well as 20th century activity. However, as the image below shows, some footings, features and surfaces from the convict period were beginning to make themselves known. There is a close match with a plan from the 1860s, which shows some of the activity that was carried out in the workshops at this time. As you can see, despite 20th century damage from service pipes, we have some interesting-looking spaces to investigate when things start up again.

The site

A basic interpretation of what is going on (yes, yes I know there is no north arrow or scale bar)