Have you always wanted be an academic? Have you always wanted to read boring articles and come away with no recollection of what they were actually about? Do you want to challenge your vocabulary with made-up words that make you sound slightly insane? Then have I got the thing for you. 

For a non-limited time only, you can get yourself a copy of a recent journal article I contributed too. Unlike most articles written in academia (where a readership of 10 peers is considered a bestseller), this is one that ANYBODY can access. Feast your eyes upon:

So many colours

Reconstructing a Longitudinal Dataset for Tasmania, published in Historical Life Course Studies. In the interests of laziness, here is the abstract:

This article describes the formation of The Tasmanian Historical Dataset a longitudinal data resource spanning the 19th and early 20th century. This resource contains over 1.6 million records drawn from digitised prison and hospital admission registers, military enlistment papers, births, deaths and marriages, census and muster records, arrival and departure lists, bank accounts and property valuations, maps and plans and meteorological observations. As well as providing an account of the many different sources that have been digitised coded and linked as part of this initiative, the article outlines current and past research uses to which this data has been put. Further information on tables and key variables is provided in an appendix.


Go forth. Read.

Also good for curing bouts of insomnia.