Being a bunch of joiners, we’ve decided to do like the rest of the world and cease our business until the nasty virus goes away. Unlike many, we are in the lucky position of just being able to put things on hiatus until we come back. This is a critical part of Port Arthur’s conservation and research program – not to mention a super UNE research project – so rest assured it will return bigger, badder and dirtier than ever. 

Putting a large site to bed is an involved task. Firstly we had to whizz around and record the site, doing the final bits of survey and photogrammetry (more on that later). Then we had to make sure that the site was as safe as possible. A number of test trenches from 2005 were in the excavation area, so these required covering to prevent people staggering into them and rain accumulation.


Putting the site to bed

 We didn’t want to come back in a few weeks/years/months time and find the site a muddy jungle, so we also needed to cover the whole 1000 square metre area. With the help of garden’s crew members Andy and Bobby, geofabric was rolled out across the site, weighted down with stones and spoil. Whilst it looks like a cut-price version of something Christo would create, it will keep the site in good shape for when we return. 

What a difference a day…

…and a virus makes

However, this blog is not ending. I now switch back to desktop research and writing whilst impatiently waiting for the virus to sod off. Do check back to see what new things I have been finding out about the Port Arthur convict workshops.