New evidence Blair misled MPs on Iraq

An inquiry into the Iraq war has begun in Britain. An article by Richard Norton-Taylor in the Sydney Morning Herald, November 24, deals with it.

The article claims that evidence will be presented that the “invasion was ill-conceived and preparations were sabotaged by Tony Blair’s government to mislead the public”. Among other things, military commanders were shocked by the lack of preparations and worried that they might be prosecuted for war crimes because they could not protect civilians as outlined in the Geneva convention. – Blair claimed in 2002 that the goal was not regime change but disarmament. – “Deep hostility of British military commanders towards their US allies”, etc.

In the meantime, some press reports have claimed that a full and open inquiry cannot be expected and that it will just be another whitewash.

What is new?

“Intervention” in the Northern Territory according to John Pilger

John Pilger received the Sydney Peace Prize some days ago (an “embarrassing day for Sydney”, according to one press report!). The full text of his speech on receiving the prize here.

I found the references to the policy of “intervention” in the Northern Territory of the Howard government particularly interesting. This policy was supported by claims “of sex slavery and paedophile rings in “unthinkable numbers” ( the then minister for indigenous affairs).

John Pilger mentions the following numbers, according to him hardly reported in the press.

“Out of 7433 Aboriginal children examined by doctors, 39 had been referred to the authorities for suspected abuse. Of those, a maximum of four possible cases were identified. So much for the “unthinkable numbers”. Of course, child abuse does exist, in black Australia and white Australia. The difference is that no soldiers invaded the North Shore suburbs; no white parents were swept aside; no white welfare has been “quarantined”. What the doctors found they already knew: that Aboriginal children are at risk – from the effects of extreme poverty and the denial of resources in one of the world’s richest countries.”

Pilger further said, drawing attention to what he thinks is really behind the intervention:

“The Territory contains extraordinary mineral wealth, especially uranium. And Aboriginal land is wanted as a radioactive waste dump. This is very big business, and foreign companies want a piece of the action.

It is a continuation of the darkest side of our colonial history: a land grab.”

Beware: Left-wing conspiracy

Beware! According to Nick Minchin, the leader of the liberals in the Senate, all the fuzz about global warming really is nothing but a left-wing conspiracy. Lefties who lost their cherished Communist cause now need a new one, and they found it: global warming.

I am deeply grateful to Nick for this insight. I now know where I stand.

I am always amazed how cocksure global warming skeptics are about their cause: no doubt whatsoever! I wished they were right and I could stop worrying about the Great Barrier Reef, the possible huge population movements, etc. Their seems to be something in the human mind that prevents rational reactions to events for which evolution has not pre-programmed them. Not really surprising if you think of it.

Another point of evidence for evolution by natural selection?