Breaking News: Dramatic changes in U.S. political landscape.

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Breaking News: Dramatic changes in U.S. political landscape.It will shortly be announced that President Trump will appoint his daughter Ivanka to president of the World Bank, batman as Chief International Troubleshooter,  and spiderman as ambassador to the European Union. He himself will  take over the role as Calif of Bagdad, as miraculously predicted 1000 years ago in the Tales of 1001 Nights. He will of course stay on as President of the U.S. He declared that he wants to get out of the sand and death of Syria, the oil-rich Iraq  being a much better investment. Let the bastards pay for all America has done for them. – Ivanka is uniquely qualified for her new role, after all she run a successful womens’ wear business for many years before getting into higher politics, Batman knows how to get into trouble and out, and Spiderman will use his webs to make the countries of the EU stick together, a dear dream the President has held for many years.

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