Parasite biogeography: new book

This is to draw your attention to a new book on the zoogeography of parasites, which will be published shortly:

The Biogeography of Host-Parasite Interactions. Oxford University Press.
Editors Serge Morand & Boris Krasnov

I have written the chapter on

Marine parasite diversity and environmental gradients.

A brief summary of this chapter follows:

This chapter, after a brief discussion of older studies which established the existence of zoogeographical regions and some patterns in the geographical distribution of marine parasites, describes latitudinal gradients in parasite diversity, reproductive strategies and host ranges; longitudinal gradients in diversity (centres of diversity and oceanic barriers between them); and depth gradients. The marine environment is less heterogeneous than terrestrial and freshwater habitats, and therefore more suitable for evaluating the causes of gradients. An attempt at such an evaluation is made. Important gaps in our knowledge are discussed and suggestions are made for future studies.