Ecology/Zoogeography, Economics, Parasitology and Philosophy Knols

Over the last several weeks I wrote a number of knols on ecology/zoogeography, ecology/economics, ecology/politics, parasitology, and philosophy, meant mainly for students and interested lay people. Some are in German, some in English. The English ones are listed below with links. Note that you can comment on the knols. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.


The Latitude Niche Width Hypothesis

How Many Species on Earth?

Competitive Exclusion (Gause’s Principle)

Evolutionarily Stable Strategies (ESS’s)

The Paradox of the Plankton

Niche Restriction and Segregation

Vacant Niches

Effective Evolutionary Time

Rapoport’s Rule

Thorson’s Rule


The Aspidogastrea, Morphology and Life Cycles

The Aspidogastrea, Sacculinisation

The Aspidogastrea, Ecology

The Amphilinidea


Games Theory (Nash Equilibria) in Politics


A Limit to Globalization

Free Markets, Free Trade, Ecology


Schopenhauer’s Philosophy

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