Throw Down a Shot of Liquor and Bomb a Country

About three weeks ago, Hillary Clinton said, when asked what she would do if Iran attacked Israel with nuclear weapons, that the USA could “totally obliterate” Iran if it was foolish enough to do this. Senator Lieberman is an influential democratic Senator and was the Vice-presidential running mate of Al Gore.

I found this in the Huffington Post (14.5.08) under: “Lieberman: Hillary’s Threat To Bomb Iran Has A Certain Appeal To It.”

The extract is taken from an interview on the rightwing “Bill Bennett’s radio show” with senator Lieberman.

“Lieberman whole-heartedly endorsed the ‘appeal’ of the hawkish caricature Bennett had created:


BENNETT: Listen, I give her credit. She (Hillary Clinton) as found her three things. She’s found her voice. He is very much in the background now, it’s not this, you know, ventriloquial thing, it’s definitely her voice.

LIEBERMAN: That’s true.

BENNETT: And Joe, you know, this is my style. This is a girl who puts on her pearls, goes down, throws down a shot of liquor and bombs Iran, you know. This is lookout Mrs. Bennett, this is my kind of girl.

LIEBERMAN: Hehehe, it does have an appeal to it.”


This reinforces my view about the US elections. Click here.

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