Is there a bright side to negative emotions?

I just read an article by Susan Cain in the NY Times about the advantages of being shy/introverted/socially anxious. Here are some correlates: Higher levels of knowledge, greater achievements, lower injury rates, more conscientious, higher in empathy. During my clinical training the other students and I sometimes joked that “anxiety is my friend.” Anxiety certainly […]

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Why do famous quotes affect us?

In the back of my schedule book I have copied two famous quotes: Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon) All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke) I apply the “knowledge” quote by working as an educator. I apply the “triumph” quote by supporting political causes […]

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Men want sex and women need love?

In recruiting participants for her romantic-relationships study, UNE student Kimberley Coulter has become a darling of the media, with descriptions of her as a Research Scholar, Miss Excitement, and Dr Feelgood. So I invited her to write a guest posting for my blog. I will put it below. John Malouff, PhD, JD Associate Professor of […]

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