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About me

Klaus Rohde, born Brandenburg/Havel, Germany. Studied zoology, botany, physics, physiological chemistry in Potsdam and Münster/Westf., Dr.rer.nat Münster/Westf. 1956. D.Sc. University of Queensland. Scientific work at ASTA-Werke, Brackwede (pharmaceutic industry). Lecturer University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur; Research Fellow University of Bochum, Germany; Habilitation Bochum; Postdoctoral Fellow University of Queensland, Australia; Reader in Zoology University of Khartoum, Sudan; Director Heron Island Research Station, Great Barrier Reef; Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor (Personal Chair), Professor emeritus University of New England, Australia.

About 400 publications in international journals and book chapters. Several books: Ecology of Marine Parasites (1st edition University of Queensland Press, Malay-Indonesian translation; 2nd edition CABI Oxford); Marine Parasitology (editor, CSIRO Publishing Melbourne and CABI Oxford); Nonequilibrium Ecology (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge). Research on taxonomy, zoogeography, ultrastructure and phylogeny (incl. DNA), ecology and evolution. About 5400 citations (ISI Web of Science, January 2008; h-index 35). Clarke Medal of the Royal Society of NSW, University Medal for excellence in Science UNE.

Expeditions and travels in many countries. Art exhibitions (mainly graphic) in Australia and Germany.

Hobbies: art, German literature, travels.

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