Terms for old men

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If I live long enough, people may call me an old coot, an old codger, or an old geezer. These terms are sometimes used as derogatory and sometimes used just to mean an old man. 

A coot is a water bird that looks awkward when it moves. “Codger” may be a version of cadger — a beggar man. “Geezer” may be a version of guiser — a performer who wears disguises. 

I prefer the term my father used: “Oldtimer.” To me it had no negative connotation. 

The word “old” can be attached to various nouns — some negative, e.g., fart.

i don’t like the term “elderly man,” but “elder” seems fine. 

I like adjectives other than old, aged, or grizzled. Here is one: Seasoned. It has a good connotation. 

Or maybe we can put age to the side, along with sex, and say: There goes a person. 

That person may be young at heart or ancient at heart. 

Hard to tell until we get to know the person.


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