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There are at least five things to do before your life ends. I suggest starting on them right now because it is hard to predict when we will take our last breath. Accidents happen. Wars. Natural disasters. Heart attacks. 

You might last many decades from now. Or not. 

Five things to do:

  1. Do what you want and experience what you want. Tomorrow may never come. If you want to achieve something specific, go hard at it, starting now. If you want to experience something specific that is new for you, aim for that without delay. I am following this advice. I don’t want to have regrets. I know I can’t do everything I want, e.g., get Yankee stadium screaming as lead singer of a rock group. But some things I can do, such as donating to certain charities, helping family members and friends. If you wait until near the end of your days, you may not be in shape to do much of anything. 
  2. Say what you want. If you wait, the person to whom you want to say something may be gone. Or you may go quickly and not get a last-minute chance. Tell important others your emotions. Thank those who have helped you. Stand up for yourself. You need not wait until you are old to say what you think.
  3. Get rid of things that have no significant value. Declutter! You will thus leave less for family members to deal with when you perish (or move!). I am going Marie Kondo with stuff. 
  4. Create a will, so your assets go where you want. Put in there what you want done with your body  once you have finished with it (if you care). My mother told me she wanted her body to be buried, not incinerated. I have a will. How about you?
  5. Accept the inevitability of death and make peace with the prospect while doing your best to stay safe and healthy.  

You may fear your end so much that you do not want to think about it and do not prepare yourself. Unfortunate! Facing the fear and preparing for the inevitable will help you live a good, full life.


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