What Kind of Ancestor Will You Be?

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My Maronite ancestors, members of a Catholic sect, moved to the U.S. from what is now part of Lebanon. Good move. In the new land, hardly anyone wanted to kill them because of their religion. Also, the wealth of the new nation was relatively gigantic.

Migrating is risky and stressful. My forebears had to learn a new language and new culture. They had to make a living, with little education.

They made their money through operating small businesses and working very hard. They put profits into expanding the business.

The small-business pattern persisted for a generation or so, until increasingly open education paved the way for me and my brothers to get the training we needed to earn a living through professional work. We then did not have to work a striking number of hours a week, the way our ancestors did. We do not face the risks of being out-competed by a corporate behemoth.

I owe much to my ancestors. I owe them for what they did and for the decent genes they passed down.

Not that my ancestors were perfect. Like all humans, including me, they had flaws. No need to mention those now that the individuals are gone.

In sum, I perceive my ancestors as bold, creative, and hard-working. They took risks and found ways to succeed.  

How will I be remembered down the line? Maybe as a more recent risk taker. I played a major role in the decision for my little family to migrate to Australia. 

That move turned out well for us. My children have received good educations. We all have received good health care. We live in a land of opportunity, with many freedoms and a nanny state watching out for us. My wife and I have had excellent, stable jobs, in a generally good economy.

No insurrection here, no Big Lie about an election. Covid-19 has not slaughtered the populace in Australia.

Other migrants coming here have a much tougher time adjusting and beginning to thrive. They deserve credit for tenacity, as well as for risk taking.

I would also like to be remembered as the first eco-fanatic of the family. I have not done enough for the environment to earn that status, but I have many years left. I think.

For what do you thank your ancestors? How would you like to be remembered by future generations of your family?


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