UNE Business School Seminar Series – “Who gets the family farm?: A systematic review of gender and farm succession” – Professor Alison Sheridan

Heeding calls for the need for further research on the gendered dynamics of family farm succession, we conducted a systematic literature review of extant research in gender and farm succession, with a particular focus on the Australian context, coupled with a systematic sampling of legal databases to see how farm succession has been addressed in the Australian legal system. We established that internationally the commitment to maintaining the family farm intact is a priority; proactively addressing succession is recognized as contributing to the ongoing viability of the family farm; gender norms continue to privilege sons and dismiss daughters; and that the changing roles on farms are not changing the primacy of the son as successor. We found limited attention has been paid to gender and farm succession in the Australian context. This situation challenges legal arrangements for farm succession that are usually made on the grounds of unfair distribution of assets between siblings (adequacy of provision) rather than a claim to farm inheritance, and these cases rarely rest on accusations of gender discrimination (the exception being divorce proceedings). This presentation will explore the groundwork for a deeper study of rural gender norms, succession and the constraints limiting the potential of farm ownership to empower women in rural Australia.

UNE Business School with AARES New England Branch invite you to join us to hear a presentation from Professor Alison Sheridan.

When: Friday 12 July, 2019 – 11.00am – 12.30pm

Where: Lecture Theatre 4, UNE Business School, W42

An informal catering will be provided before and after the seminar.

Alison Sheridan is Professor of Management at the UNE Business School, University of New England. Alison holds a PhD from the University of New England and a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics (Hons 1) from the University of Sydney.  She was the President of ANZAM in 2008 and is currently the Chair elect for the Gender and Diversity in Organization (GDO) Division of the US Academy of Management. Alison has published widely, including a co-edited book, 10 book chapters, 42 articles in refereed journals, 32 refereed conference papers and more than 50 non-refereed papers and reports.   The common themes to her research are gender and careers, leadership and regional small business. She is working on a range of research projects concerning gender and agriculture with colleagues within the UNE Business School and across the University. In this presentation, Alison will share the initial findings of a project on farm succession she is co-researching with Dr Lucie Newsome and Dr Tanya Howard.

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