UN PRME at UNE Business School – Sustainable Development Goals in 2018

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UNE Business School is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME) which seeks to develop the capabilities of  students to be future generators of sustainable value for their workplaces and broader society. The six principles of purpose, values, method, research, partnership and dialogue detail how to enact that commitment.

Valerie Dalton, Lecturer in Management with UNE Business School, attended the PRME ANZ forum in Melbourne last December which was well attended by delegates from Australia and New Zealand. UNE was the sixth Australian university to sign up to PRME back in 2009. There are now 29 signatories in Australia/ New Zealand and UNE have become an established PRME Chapter.

Valerie shares:

We had a productive and informative day with a key focus on how we will progress with the 2017 tenth anniversary goal of embedding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into our curriculum and research.

This anniversary is an opportunity for UNE Business School to revisit units and consider how a discussion of the SDG’s can be weaved into unit materials and assessments. As part of our commitment to PRME,  UNE Business School is required to submit a Sharing Information on Progress report to the UN PRME every 18 months.

The next report is due in April this year, and will cover how UNE are enacting the six principles. UNE Business School staff with work with Valerie in her role as UN PRME Liaison to share details of teaching, research and community work that relates to PRME and/or the SDGs, and we look forward to sharing the report with you in months to come!

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