Chartered Accountants ANZ Webinar for business students

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is hosting a three-part virtual series to help you stay resilient and focussed in the face of change. As a part of the series you will have the opportunity to listen to and engage with accounting and finance thought leaders as well as your peers. This event is designed for accounting, finance and business students. Begins September 9

UNEBS Student Highlight: Mary Alhawsawi

Mary Alhawsawi is an HDR student at the UNE Business School, and one of our many talented International students. Mary moved to Australia at the end of 2016 with big ideas surrounding her research on bridging the gap in accounting teaching material for Saudi women. 

Our Research – “Interactive Effects of Executive Compensation, Firm Performance and Corporate Governance: Evidence from an Asian Market”, Professor Omar Al Farooque, Professor Wonlop Buachoom and Professor Nam Hoang

In this study, we examine the interactive effect of executive compensation, firm performance and corporate governance in different institutional and governance settings of an emerging market economy. Capturing monitoring and incentive alignment aspects as suggested...

Launching Nucleate – An intensive design thinking bootcamp for UNE students – 12 November 2018

UNE Business School launched the inaugural Nucleate program on 12 November, inviting students from across the university at both undergraduate and postgraduate level to take up an opportunity to enrol in a 6-week unit, boasting a 2 day intensive with the...

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