UNE’s newly-formed Strategic Priority Group met for the first time on Monday 18th to examine how connected leadership can work towards Future Fit Strategy goals and the immediate challenge of growing revenue.

Held at NOVA, the workshop brought together the University’s Executive, Deans, Executive Principals and Program Directors.

The group worked on a range of leadership themes including Unpacking Prioritisation, Forward Planning, Committee Expectations and Internal and External Engagement.

Hosts Apricot Consulting, which specialises in leadership development, presented the the group with tasks and topics designed to challenge and inspire innovative thinking. Smaller groups were formed to conceptualise topics, then reform as a whole to present roadmap ideas, accountabilities and recommendations on each theme.

Consistent themes were unpacked across a broad representation of the leadership at UNE.

Early August will see the next step in regrouping to distil the recommendations into achievable actions. These will be shared across UNE when available.