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Blog Downtime for Upgrade – Friday 17-August-2007 ~10am

The UNE Blog server will be unavailable from around 10am Friday morning, 17-August-2007.

This is required for a software upgrade.

If the upgrade causes any problems with your blog, please enter the details including the problem, and the name of your blog in either a comment to this post, or an email to me,

Ross M. W. Bennetts
Web Editor

3 Responses to “Blog Downtime for Upgrade – Friday 17-August-2007 ~10am”

  1. Dean Says:

    Just checked /natressociety then, seems fine

    Was wondering if any more plugins would be added?

    Hoping for forum and gallery plugins if possible, please

  2. Ross Says:

    Hi Dean,
    If you can suggest a particular plugin and send me its URL, Id’ be happy to check it out.
    Here’s a good place to start looking:
    Don’t forget that this is WordPress Mu, so plugins that work for the stand alone version of WordPress may or may not work with this MultiUser version.

  3. Dean Says:

    Hey Ross,
    If possible could any of these suggestions (or comparable ones) be added please

    Suggested plugins (i found these ones on the normal wp site, so they might not work, but ill look for equivalent on mu site later)

    Gallery: such as WP-SimpleViewer
    Forum: such as wp-forum

    Thanks heaps,

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