Blogs for UNE Staff, Students, and the Community.

UNE blogs are part of our communication kit at UNE. Blog content can be shared in UNE newsletters, press, and across a range of social media accounts.

UNE Blogs are built in UNE’s WordPress network, CampusPress, and are equipped with the ability to create and publish content. The UNE template is UNE Divi and is designed to be easily updated and managed by UNE staff members.

Blog examples:

Why you would access a blog account

If your team is required to make content frequently, a blog might be a good option for you. If your team is required to make content on an ad-hoc basis, you might not need to create a blog.

Before setting up a blog, please contact the UNE Communications team to discuss your needs and if a blog is the best solution for you. Please also note in the guidelines that all important communications to students must be sent via the SRM team. Contact if you are not sure.

Who can access a blog account

UNE Staff wanting to create content for a specific audience. Content could be or include; staff or student news blogs or supplementary content to support research and teaching activities.

How to access an account

If your team requires a blog site, the site build, content creation, and upkeep must be performed by your team.

A blog site can be requested via the button below.

Blog Request

The UNE Web team can assist with the set-up and access for the site, however, the content publication and maintenance is the responsibility of the blog owner.

Please note:

  • Blog accounts are subject to certain conditions, and new blogs must be approved by the web team before being made publicly available.  
  • UNE’s WordPress sites are not set up for personal blogs 
  • Blog frequency – can be anywhere from daily to monthly – however, if an account is inactive for 12 months it will be closed by the web team.  
  • UNE’s blogs are public and direct links to blog pages can be easily shared. Therefore, any information that shouldn’t be available to the general public should not be included in a blog.

By requesting a blog, you acknowledge that you’ve read, understood and agree to the following guidelines and policies:

Reaching your audience

Creating consistent content is just the first step in the journey of creating your newsletter-style blog or blog content.

Once blog content has been created and published, it might be appropriate to be shared via a tile in Moodle, UNE social media or communications channels.

The team responsible for blog content can send requests with specific blog links to relevant teams (below) depending on the audience the information is intended for – please note, the inclusion of the content is at the discretion of the communications team you are contacting for support.

  • UNE Social Media team inc, UNE Corporate and faculty social media pages | Contact | Audience – Staff, Students, Wider Community
  • UNE Comms | Contact | Audience – Staff, Wider Community
  • SRM | Contact| Audience – Students and some staff comms
  • UNE Life | Contact | Audience – students

Please note:

  • The type of content shared, and the placement of content is at the discretion of each communication team
  • All important and necessary communications to students must be sent via the SRM
  • For one-off content, please speak to the teams above