2023, Volume 26, Paper 13
ISSN: 2209-6612

The Australia to India Almond Trade

Ben Wiblin  – Postgraduate student, University of Adelaide


India is a major destination for Australian almonds, even though this trade has long been restricted through tariff barriers. These tariffs have meant that only ‘in-shell’ almonds are a viable import option. However, in December 2022, Australia and India struck a new trade agreement that resulted in a 50 per cent tariff reduction on Australian almonds, giving a significant trade advantage over California. The Australian almond industry was set to benefit from this before the Indian tariff on United States almonds was also reduced in June 2023. In this paper the Australian almond industry export value chain to India and the interrelation with Californian almond industry exports is analysed. The aim is to gauge how the new trade arrangements will impact this export supply chain as the world’s almond growers grapple with low sale prices and rising input costs. While the international almond sales environment remains a buyer’s market, industry stakeholders believe India offers significant opportunity to aid in returning profitability and supply chain surplus to all participants

Key words: value chain, almonds, India, tariffs, United States, exports.           

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