“Exercise” your self-control

I have been reading an excellent book, “The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence had Declined” by Steven Pinker of Harvard. Pinker presents a huge amount of evidence that violence of all types has declined over past centuries and recent decades. The per capita rates of murder, rape, wife-beating, child spanking, animal abuse, etc., […]

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How to eliminate a maladaptive behavior of your own — A secret method!

Many people want to stop doing something — smoking, biting their finger nails, overeating, worrying nonstop. I often preach in my Behavior Modification class that it is very hard just to eliminate an habitual behavior because creating a void tends to lead to a return of the behavior, especially when something stressfult happens. One secret […]

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Time to eliminate filler sounds?

I just read an article about what not to do during a job interview. One idea: Don’t use filler sounds, such as um, you know, OK, like. Eliminating these pointless sounds is not easy. I asked my behavior modification students what they would suggest to a person who wanted to eliminate filler sounds in all […]

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