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Group of cattle in rudimentary penChanging lives in Cambodia
In Cambodia, smallholder farmers are challenged with poor soil, cattle disease and inadequate water. A team of UNE researchers are working to change this with a premium quality beef product
Dr Lorina Barker speaking taking notes while speaking to an Aboriginal womanBefore it’s too late
Nearly half a century since the Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board was closed down, researchers are racing to document its history through the eyes of the people who were directly affected by its directives
Historical image of man's handing writing with a quill on parchment by candlelightA dangerous letter
A controversial and mysterious letter from a fifteenth century papal employee praising an executed heretic is an example of superb humanist writing, according to UNE’s Professor Thomas A Fudge
overhead view of school children working on coloured pencil drawings Lifetime reform
The Philippines is experiencing a once in a lifetime reform to its education system that is impacting on all primary and secondary school students.
Researchers from the SiMERR National Research Centre at UNE are supporting the Philippines in this Reform with a focus on raising the quality of education, by supporting the leadership and professionalism of Filipino teachers to enable inclusive education and better opportunities for all
Literacy for Life participants in classroomLiteracy for life
Improving the literacy skills of Indigenous adults is proving to lift standards of health and wellbeing for themselves and their communities
Dr Yvonne GriggsAdapting classics
From daring reimaginings of Russian classics like Anna Karenina to audacious adaptations of The Great Gatsby, Dr Yvonne Griggs examines the cultural and geographical makeovers that bring classic fiction to contemporary film
Mark Moore examines stone artefacts in a knapping pitThe shrinking ‘Hobbit’
Following the extraordinary discovery of Homo floresiensis in 2003, UNE Archaeologist Dr Mark Moore has been extending our understanding of human evolution- one ancient stone tool at a time.
Dr Moore has now been involved in another major find that has cast light on how ‘the Hobbit’ evolved

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