Complex challenges often demand to find innovative solutions. University of New England (UNE) researchers and their international collaborative partners are engaging on important challenges and are making a positive impact on the environment, health, society, culture, public policy, and the quality of life in neighbouring communities.

Professor Heiko Daniel, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)

UNE’s latest research stories

  • Graphic illustration of shifting continents of East and South-east Asia.
    Shifting Continents and Lost Oceans: Can Australia (geologically) claim most of Asia?
    SHIFTING CONTINENTS AND LOST OCEANS OF ASIA Did you know — geologically speaking — that Australia could ‘claim’ most of East and Southeast Asia? Professor Ian Metcalfe School of Environmental and Rural Science Professor Ian Metcalfe from UNE’s Palaeoscience Research Centre is a world authority on the geological and tectonic evolution of Asia. ‘East and…
  • Ancient script embedded into a clay surface.
    Enduring wisdom: the Pāli and Chinese texts and traditions of early Buddhism
    TEXTS AND TRADITIONS OF EARLY BUDDHISM In a world dominated by materialism, it is refreshing to find cutting-edge research inspired by higher principles and the search for timeless truths. Researcher: Dr Mun-keat Choong School of Humanities In the School of Humanities, world-leading scholar of Buddhism, Dr. Mun-keat Choong, has been pondering the earliest corpus of…
  • Black and white image of large and small fossil types.
    A Half-Billion Year-Old Tectonic Jigsaw: Fossils from Australia and China
    SHELLY FOSSILS FROM AUSTRALIA AND CHINA It’s hard to imagine two more different places: the Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia, and the Qinling Mountains in the southern Shaanxi Province in central China. Dr Marissa Betts School of Environmental and Rural Science In terms of landscape and climate they are poles apart, to say nothing…
  • Plastic buckets full of colourful paints with paint rollers balanced on the top.
    'Luck' and Labour Migration in Malaysia
    LABOUR MIGRATION IN MALAYSIA Professor Kaur research examines issues of labour history – including child labour – gender studies, labour and forced migration, refugees, and human trafficking. Researcher: Emeritus Professor Amarjit Kaur UNE Business School ‘Time and time again it has been reiterated that birth and luck play a major role in our lives. Some…
  • Three Nepalese women with a child, looking at a photograph, in a rural setting.
    Peacebuilding through fostering social capital in Nepal
    PEACEBUILDING IN NEPAL Dr D.B. Subedi has 'reconceptualised the processes of ideological radicalisation in armed conflicts and proposed a new “integrated recovery framework”, combining social capital, social cohesion, and livelihood capitals'. Researcher: Dr D.B. Subedi School of Humanities Dr Dambaru Ballav Subedi returned to academia after working for more than ten years in peacebuilding, violence…
  • Close up of a tiger's face, showing one eye.
    Carnivores, Catchments, and Climate: The role of wide-ranging mammalian apex carnivores in water conservation and climate change adaptation in Bhutan
    THE ROLE OF APEX PREDATORS IN BHUTAN Dr Thinley investigates the role of large apex mammalian predators – specifically the tiger (Panthera tigris) and the snow leopard (Panthera uncia) – in catchment hydrology and climate change adaptation, with respect to sustaining freshwater supply. Researcher: Dr Phuntsho Thinley School of Environmental and Rural Science For a…
  • Gold and electrum jewellery excavated from the sands of Saruq al Hadid on a black background
    SHARP – the Saruq al-Hadid Archaeological Research Project
    3000 YEARS OF HUMAN LIFE IN WESTERN ASIA The research team has since discovered that the use of the site started in the Early Bronze Age (c. 3000 BCE) and continued through four millennia into the early Islamic period, and has documented major changes in site use and human life style. Researchers from the School…

Latest stories from our graduate researchers

  • Myanmar landscape with tall palms, trees, and forested mountains in the background, with low lying dwellings in the foreground.
    Grounded: Grassroots Environmental Peacebuilding in Myanmar
    Dr. Johanna Garnett, who recently completed her doctoral research at UNE on the conflict in Myanmar, found that the conflict was linked to the historical clash between authority and democracy, and is fundamentally a conflict between environmental quality and economic development. Researcher: Dr Johanna Garnett, School of Humanities Australians are not all that familiar with…
  • Dusty sunset with a cowboy on a horse mustering cattle.
    Unfinished Business
    Michael Brogan’s research is motivated by a long-running encounter with anthropological filmmaking, educational policy and practice, and the politics of Indigenous representation. Researcher: Michael Brogan, School of Arts Michael Brogan’s research is motivated by a long-running encounter with anthropological filmmaking, educational policy and practice, and the politics of Indigenous representation. Michael is researching the film…
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