What do these things all have in common? One word, ZOOM.


Now I am not really one for conspiracy theories. Yeah sure they’re funny at times and it’s amusing to think people actually believe the earth is round… But, come on, humans going to the moon… really? I highly doubt it. That’s like saying there isn’t aliens at area 51… preposterous. There’s clear video footage and even a very rational, sensible man talking on a very valid podcast about gravity defying technology he witnessed there.

Sure, conspiracy theories… I’m not going to lie; I love a good YouTube sesh every-now-and-then. But to believe them, seriously… you might as well say goodbye logic, sorry enlightenment and forgive me Neil Degrasse Tyson.

But if there is a conspiracy theory flying around that isn’t a UFO that I just can’t help but believe, it would have to be the theory that ZOOM started COVID. Look, yes it might sound crazy, but just bare-with me. Have you seen their share prices? Unbelievable. Not even Jordon Belford could have predicted that. That kind of rapid rise in a stock price would send Hawaiian stockbrokers into more madness than that time North Korea faked that missile SMS alert. This Zoom and Rona theory really holds water! But what makes it worse, is that they’re now all watching us … even when your camera is off… some peer-reviewed articles from buzzfeed even say they can watch you when your laptop is closed or when your webcam is covered.

Wow… it gives me the shivers. But anyway, you know what they say: If you can’t beat them join them! And sure, putting on a funny hat is cool and even though trivia-newton-john has been butchered as a trivia name, it’s always sure to give your grandma who is located at the bottom-right-hand of the zoom screen a laugh.

But why not change it up a bit? How about some different Zoom games that you and your bored, procrastinating friends can play together?

Well here are 8 that I have prepared for you:

  1. Take a virtual vacation.

Are you still a little down about that trip to Europe you had to cancel? Well no need to fear, zoom is here.

Google Earth’s Voyager feature allows you to wonder the streets of Paris, hike around the world without the blisters, discover Egypt without the sand and roam the streets of Rome in the comfort of your home. Just simply share your screen with your Zoomie roomies and tour away. You can even show your friends your home city or town with the custom tour feature. Plus, there is a special trip to the International Space Station (Despite the inaccurate globe like views of Earth)

  1. Museum visits

But if virtual walking isn’t your thing, there is also a virtual museum just waiting for you and your friends to visit. Explore Brazil’s Football Museum, discover 7 of Picasso’s never before seen works and time travel back to the world’s oldest art gallery. There are over 600 different places to discover.

But, warning… not even google can make the Mona Lisa live up to the hype.

  1. Quiz’it

Maybe you still really like the quiz theme. Well instead of spending time writing you own half interesting questions, get google to do it for you. Maybe you consider yourself a bit of a foodosopher, pondering over the origins of your food. Well, there is a quiz for that! Are you a bird nerd? I know I’m not. But if you are, there’s a quiz for that too! Music, Dance, Trains, Planes and quiz’s on conspiracy theories and Harry Potter, the greatest wizard to ever live. There will sure be a quiz in Google Games for you.


  1. Master-Chef

Now I consider myself a bit of a master-chef. I would go on the TV show if only I wasn’t so professional. So this one is right up my ally.

How to play:

  1. Get your friends to give you a ‘mystery-box’ shopping list consisting of 5 ingredients.
  2. Go to the shops and purchase (in a safe, 1.5 meter, hand-washed manner) the 5 items on the list.
  3. Invite those friends to a Zoom chat.
  4. NOW! You have 1 hour to cook a meal that includes the items you bought off your friends list.
  5. Times Up! Finally – When finished your friends will give you a score out of 10 based on your cooking style, presentation and your ability to cook something innovative with the items they chose (and, the best thing is, you don’t have to share your masterpiece).

But be warned, friends can be cunning. When I played virtual master-chef with my friends, they chose only a carrot, toilet paper, lentils, pasta and some peanut butter for me to cook with. Thankfully I pulled off a 10/10 cacio e pepe.

  1. Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?

Image: https://www.tvinsider.com/796991/are-you-smarter-than-a-5th-grader-quiz-july-22-game/

Probably not. But nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt (that much) to find out. Just simply google “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” and play your desired episode of the demoralisingly complex early 2000’s TV show. Sign in with your friends and make sure you ‘pause’ the video after the questions to answer then. Only to later find out that you were completely wrong.

  1. Podcast

This one’s a simple one. Or is it? Make a podcast. I did this with my good friend and PhD Student Sazzad last fortnight. And you can do it too! Pick a topic at random, call up a friend and go full Joe Rogan on them.

Image: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-45445554

*We do not encourage smoking at any time… Unless you’re Elon Musk – then you can do whatever you want.

  1. Where’s Wally?

Just because the book wasn’t hard enough. Now, we are going to use the whole world! Think of this game as the Amazing Race. Just without the price money, taxi rides across the amazon and the above average cardio involved.

How to Play:

  1. Open google earth and share your screen with your friends (Or enemies. Remember this is a highly competitive game with 1 and only 1 winner)
  2. Pick a topic. For example: A businessman with a black suitcase in New York. Or, Carole Baskins Tiger Farm.
  3. Your time starts now!
  4. It’s a race to find the chosen topic on google maps.
  5. The winner get’s all.

Image from: Joe exotica

  1. Sir David Attenborough

If you don’t have a friend who stumbles around with t-rex arms bellowing out their best Sir David Attenborough impersonation, then I feel sorry for you. But, it’s never too late to become that very guy or girl. Sign in to zoom and take turns in commentating on random YouTube videos in your best David Attenborough voice. No need to score. Laughter is the greatest judge…

Image: https://eden.uktv.co.uk/david-attenboroughs-natural-curiosities/featured-animals/

So, enjoy these 8 weird and wonderful Zoom games to play with your friends and family. And remember, if you can’t beat them… you can also rage quit.

Author: Harrison Munday