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Depending on what teaching periods you are enrolled in this year, you have probably either already had some assessments due or have them on the way. It is a good time then to consider how using some of the planning support and resources at UNE might help you to stay on top of your assessment schedule. 


How do you prefer to keep track of commitments?  

Are you someone who uses your phone calendar to keep track of work and appointments?  

Do you keep a diary?  

Do you have a calendar on the wall of your office?  


Whatever approach you like, there are some tips and resources on time management and study on the UNE Academic Skills page. If you like recording things on detailed planners, there are also some templates for daily, weekly and yearly planners available there. 


When making decisions on planning and study, it is important to understand how you learn best. There are many different learning styles, no approach is necessarily any better than any another, it really comes down to what works for you. You may even find that you need to take a different approach depending on the subject or the content that you are trying to engage with. 

Here are some questions to help you consider your learning environment and approach to study. Have you tried: 

  • Music on or off? White noise? Silence?
  • Hand-writing notes?
  • Digital notetaking on computer, tablet or phone apps?
  • Mind maps?
  • Summarising and then discussing the topic with a friend?
  • Short bursts of study or long sessions?
  • Studying in a group?


We recommend that you explore different ways of approaching study to find what works best for you. If you would like to get some intensive assistance on your approach to study, time management, or even managing anxiety about study, you could consider booking a Study Gym session with a UNE counsellor by calling (02) 6773 2897 or emailing The session can be one-on-one, or in a group if you would like to arrange for yourself and some friends to attend. 

If you think that you would benefit from subject specific and peer led sessions, you should check out PASS@UNE. These sessions are run for individual units by PASS@UNE leaders, who are students that have succeeded in the same unit previously. Leaders help the group review unit material and develop study strategies. If PASS@UNE is available in your subject, you should see an option for it in your Moodle unit. At the moment, not all subjects have PASS@UNE sessions available. 


We are here to help, so if there is anything that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with the Student Support Team: 



  • tUNEup sessions are short online guided programs to build and refresh your study, writing or mathematics skills.
  • Academic reading advice to help make the task of engaging with academic texts and more manageable.
  • Critical thinking as a tool to help with general improvement of ability and communication in study and execution of communication in assignments.
  • Study Gym is a free one on one (or alternatively can be run in a group setting) session to help manage your time, develop skills and study effectively.