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A study gym is a free and confidential, one-on-one session designed to help you develop skills and strategies including managing time, overcoming exam anxiety, dealing with perfectionism, improving concentration and memory, and beating procrastination. Think of it as personal training for your brain!

Everyone learns in different ways and encounters different challenges throughout their studies and our Counselling Team is here to be the perfect FREE PT to help you reach that PB you’re dreaming of.

Whether you’re a new student interested in tips to start off on the right foot, or a returning student who would like support to overcome any particular challenges, such as procrastination or exam anxiety, Study Gym sessions are helpful and personalised for everyone. 

Study Gyms can be one-on-one or are sometimes run in a group setting if arranged by our Counselling Team. The session will include yourself and a member of our UNE Counselling Team. Our counselling team currently comprises professionally qualified and registered psychologists. Combined with experience working with students, they are best placed to support you in developing positive and proactive study habits to assist you in your university gym

You can book in your session any time within our Counselling Team hours of 9am-4pm weekdays. You can call 02 6773 2897 to book your half-hour Study Gym session.  Sessions can be held over the phone, skype and zoom within the comfort of your own home.