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Trimester 1 about to begin, and we’ve put together a helpful checklist to support you to prepare: 

For New Students: 


For Continuing Students:  

  • If you need a unit waiver, submit your request now to ensure it is processed in time for your Trimester 1 studies 
  • Enrol in your units for 2022 with careful consideration to what is a healthy study load for you 
  • Check out UNE Accessibility and Wellbeing and get in touch with the team to register if you feel additional support would benefit you 
  • Check the information on Student Fees 


All Students: 

Get to know the new expectations and requirements around progressing through your course as a Commonwealth Assisted Student. Decisions around study load prior to census date will be vital to these new requirements. 

Students who access Commonwealth Assistance (e.g. Commonwealth Supported Places or HELP loans such as HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP) will need to make decisions about their enrolment and progression, taking into account Commonwealth Assistance eligibility requirements and the provisions about low completion rates that take effect in 2022. More information can be found via the Department of Education Skills and Employment FAQs for students 

Whether you are a new or continuing student, please know UNE are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to explore our database of help resources and contact us if you need further support!