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In anticipation of Trimester 1 2022, now is the time to ensure you submit your application for unit enrolment rule waivers or advanced standing.   

To assist you, we’ve put together a friendly reminder and guide to these processes.  


Why might I need a waiver for a unit?  

A waiver is something you would apply for if you have a unit which has appeared invalid for one of the following reasons:  

A unit may appear as invalid in the enrolment process if:  

  • You do not meet the relevant pre-requisite or co-requisite conditions for the unit;  
  • You have received a failing grade in two previous attempts for the unit;  
  • You have completed this (or an equivalent unit) previously; or  
  • You require special permission to study the unit from the relevant Head of School.  

Before completing your enrolment, you should refer to the suggested study program and units listed within the relevant UNE Course Handbook entry for your course.  


How do I apply for a waiver?  

Complete one of the two forms available: 

  • For Head of School or Course Coordinator Permission use the Permission for Unit Enrolment Form 
  • If you believe you have already fulfilled the relevant pre-requisite or co-requisite conditions for the unit (or you believe you have substantial grounds to waive these conditions), you will need to submit the Waive Pre/Co-requisites Form 

Please note that submitting a request for permission is not automatically granted. Your request will be assessed and you will be advised of the outcome by email to your student email address 

It is advised that you submit your request as soon as possible prior to the commencement of the relevant trimester, to allow the University sufficient time to assess and process your application.  


What is advanced standing?  

If you’ve completed formal study, or have partial and professional experience you may be eligible for advanced standing which can fast track your qualification. If you have completed a tertiary qualification, or even part of a qualification or units within a course at UNE you may be eligible to apply for Advanced Standing. This is sometimes referred to as credit or recognition of prior learning.  

More information is available on our website explaining the application process.  

The most important element to applying for advanced standing is submitting your application as early as possible. Advanced standing application outcomes can take up to 8 weeks, so if you don’t apply early enough you may have to wait until the following trimester to enrol.   

If you have any questions about waivers or advanced standing please contact the team via ASKUNE.