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It’s Week 3 of Trimester 2 already! Census Date is around the corner (next Monday 20th of July), so this week is an important time to consider whether your current study load will be sustainable for the next couple of months. 

To help you decide, we’ve put together a checklist including some helpful tips and tricks from team members who are studying too!

  1. Make sure you’ve checked your enrolment in myUNE:
    This should reflect only units you’re actively studying. You might be surprised how often people enrol ahead of time, and then forget to withdraw when life changes plans and they decide not to study over a trimester after all. We don’t want you being charged for units you’re not studying over Trimester 2, and we definitely don’t want you receiving academic grades that don’t reflect your capabilities, so please make sure that you’ve double-checked your enrolment and withdrawn from any units you won’t be studying in Trimester 2, 2019.
  2. Log into Moodle:
    We know life can take you by surprise, and it’s not uncommon to end up a week or so behind at some point in the trimester and be working on catching up. However, we’re entering Week 3, so if you haven’t yet logged in to one (or more) units for this Tri then it is time to have a serious think about whether you have sufficient time to catch up. A good way to work this out is by calculating 12hours* x [number of subjects] x [number of weeks work to do]. Don’t forget to include the current week in your calculations!
    * UNE recommends that students allow 12-15 hours per week, per subject, for study. This will include lectures, tutorials, readings, assignment research and preparation and more.
    You can use our helpful time management tool to calculate how many spare hours you have each week for study. 
  3. Assessments
    One of your first steps each trimester should be to jot down all assessment tasks for each unit you’re studying and add them to your calendar/diary/study planner. However you keep track of what you have on each week, make sure to include study commitments so that you never miss an important assignment!
  4. Study Gym & Workshop Sessions:
    If you haven’t already, book in for a Study Gym to maximise your study efficiency. There are so many factors that can impact how well you absorb information and it’s important to remember that everyone has unique learning styles. What works for your partner, or mates may not work for you – so let our Counselling Team help you improve your study habits to help you study smarter, not harder.
    Our Academic Skills Office and Counselling & Psychological Services Teams are also running a series of workshops throughout Trimester 2, focused on different aspects of your studies. You can find the schedule here, and are also able to check out recordings of the sessions in the ASO Moodle page
  5. Rewards & down time:
    What are your incentives? How do you keep your motivation up through the trimester? If it’s your first trimester or your final trimester, that might be enough to keep you powering through, but if not – our team members say they always find it easier to push through assignments when they know there’s something fun or rewarding to follow. Whether you reward yourself with a bubble bath, your favourite snack or just a weekend off study, make sure you’re mixing it up and allowing yourself some down time. 

What do you think of our checklist? Do you have any other key steps that you take each trimester to ensure that you’re prepared? 

If you need to alter your enrolment and have questions or need a hand, please get in contact through Live Chat, by emailing through AskUNE or through our social media channels.