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The Student Services and Amenities Fee Committee is encouraging students to submit proposals for projects to receive SSAF funding in 2020. 

What is SSAF? 

SSAF is a fee that supports the provision of a variety of services for the benefit of UNE students. The current allocation of funds can be viewed at the 2019 SSAF Allocation website. 

Who decides how funds are allocated? 

The SSAF Committee makes a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor on how funds should be spent every year. The Committee is made up of students and staff to provide a balanced variety of perspectives regarding how to spend SSAF. You can get in touch with the student representatives that sit on the SSAF Committee by emailing 

How do I get my project funded? 

If you (or your group) are prepared to organise and manage your project from start to finish, including budgeting, managing funds, executing the project goals and reporting back to the Committee, you can fill out the application form and submit it to before Friday 13 SeptemberPlease send an email if you have any questions about the process. If you’re part of a UNE Club or Society you can apply for SSAF Clubs Funding direct from UNE Life. 

What if I have a great idea for a project, but I can’t organise it myself, or I don’t know how much it might cost? 

You’re in luck! We’ve set up a simple form for you to complete that doesn’t require detailed information, just an idea. If you submit your idea in this way, the Committee may ask a University team to take on your project and put it into practice.  

When will the selected projects be announced?  

The SSAF Committee will make an initial recommendation regarding project funding in November based on the proposals submitted. This recommendation will be published for comment by students. After considering this feedback, the Committee will make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor for her approval. 

How can I get more information about the process? 

Send your questions about the SSAF program to You can also contact the student representatives on the SSAF Committee at or get in touch with the Clubs and Societies team at UNE Life at