Project Update 

Our DII Project is forging ahead with its 2024 roadmap, bringing significant advancements in data integration, governance, and platform modernisation. Here’s a glimpse into the latest milestones: 

 What is the DII Project? 
The DII (Data, Information, and Insights) Project is a transformative effort aimed at enhancing the data and analytics capabilities of our university. Our goals are to maximise the business value of our data assets, ensure robust data governance with industry best practices, comply with data protection laws, and elevate data literacy across the university community. By keeping our data infrastructure up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies, we are setting the stage for a more data-driven future 

 Data Ingestions 
In recent months, we have successfully integrated additional data into our enterprise data warehouse, including the recent ingestion of CourseLoop data. This integration streamlines reporting from this key learning and teaching system, offering quicker access to essential information. The CourseLoop integration completed user acceptance testing in May, marking a significant step forward. 

 Implementation of Purview 
We are excited to announce that Microsoft Purview has been selected as our platform for data governance. Purview will enhance our capabilities in data cataloguing, business glossaries, and the implementation of policies and procedures. In May, the necessary paperwork for Purview’s implementation was submitted to the TAG Committee, bringing us closer to a more structured and compliant data governance framework. 

Modernised Data & Analytics Platform 
Microsoft Fabric has been identified as the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose solution