Image: NERAM Director Rachael Parsons: “Cancel Culture thrives on confected outrage.”

“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.”

The famous quote by nineteenth century British Statesman Robert Morely aptly critiques modern day Cancel Culture – the subject of the upcoming meeting of Armidale’s Skeptics In The Pub.

Guest speaker will be Rachael Parsons, Director of NERAM.

“Cancel Culture, which deeply affects the arts, is everywhere. It is a powerful form of social ostracism, either on-line or in the real world,” Rachael said.

“Cancel Culture incubates within social media where constantly being offended and expressing outrage takes precedence over rational thought and measured opinion.

“Cancel Culture effectively stifles public discourse and creates a great silent majority.”

To hear Rachael’s presentation, be at the Wicklow Hotel on Tuesday June 25.

Arrive at 6pm, order and pay for dinner and drinks, then settle in to hear her speak, followed by a discussion session.

Skeptics in the Pub is a free event, held every month and open to everyone.

For further information Amelia Willmer, Convenor Skeptics In The Pub on 0407 765 669.