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We can all take an active role in reconciliation, and in addressing past injustices to walk together.
This was the message of UNE’s annual National Sorry Day morning tea event on Monday, which invited students, staff and members of the community to hang their own messages of support on the UNE Sorry Day Tree.
The event included a special welcome from Dr Colin Ahoy, and a few words from UNE’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Chris Moran and historian Associate Professor Nathan Wise, who echoed the sentiment of the Uluru Statement from the Heart by committing to helping bring understanding, healing and moving forward together at UNE.
“As a historian, I believe that it is only through acknowledging our past, speaking honestly and truthfully, about what has happened in the country, and its ongoing impact in our lives, our communities, and our nation today, that we can reconcile, and heal, together,” A/Prof Wise said.
A/Prof Wise highlighted the concept of ‘Makarrata’ in the Uluru Statement, a Yolgnu term to refer to the process of coming together after a struggle.
You can check out UNE’s National Sorry Day Tree and add your own message of support to the tree in the Ingrid Moses courtyard of the Armidale campus, or add a digital message by clicking on the link.